AVH Interventions offer a wide variety of training in Self Defence, Verbal & Physical Conflict Resolution in the workplace, and Control & Restraint. We also offer bespoke courses which take into account any specific needs or risks your staff or organisation face.

Our clients vary from children’s homes and specialists social care providers who make use of our ‘soft skills’ (non pain compliant) restraint program, through to private security and law enforcement who make use of our teams specialist skills and qualifications in more advanced techniques, equipment, and tactics.

We are currently working toward the Institute for Conflict Management (ICM) Quality Award Centre Scheme, so that we can offer our clients fully accredited training.

The AVH Interventions training packages operate to the standards set by accrediting bodies such as  BILD, ICM and National Occupational Standards, however we understand that many of our clients and the industry bodies which oversee them may require accredited training in this important subject area.