Aggression, Violence & Harassment Interventions is a complete approach to safety in your work place.

Conflict Resolution Training

This course focuses on verbal and non-verbal strategies and is suitable for all staff at any level of the organisation facing difficult or abusive people and situations. This is the unique backbone to the AVH Interventions programmes, it is part of every level of training, and can be tailored to suit your organisations needs and those of your staff and customers.

Break-Away Skills Training

This course is for those rare occasions when verbal responses to aggression do not work and your staff need to use physical avoidance techniques to minimise injury and exit potentially violent situations safely and effectively.

Control & Restraint Training

Some of your staff (e.g. Hospital Security) may need to control and restrain physically violent people to protect themselves, innocent bystanders, and the violent person. This course delivers effective and appropriate skills in this area.

Soft Skills Control Training

Ideal for staff dealing with vulnerable individuals in difficult situations; this programme looks at skills to control potentially violent individuals whilst still maintaining an element of care. It allows staff to continue to work with such individuals once a violent episode has been dealt with.

Train the Trainer

This modular course prepares your staff to become in-house AVH Interventions Trainers. This is a fully certified trainer programme allowing you to deliver cost effective training directly into your organisation.

Advanced Specialisation

These advanced courses look closely at high risk special needs for your staff or organisation; this may include edge weapon awareness, handcuffing skills, through to dealing with violent individuals in confined rooms. These Specialised courses are suitable, and can be adapted to both civilian applications and L.E.A.F. clients (Law Enforcement & Armed Forces).

Other Related subjects

Good Conflict Management relies on a whole host of other skills and abilities. Drawing on the vast experience of our training team, AVH Interventions can also off training in supporting subjects, such as:

  • Health and Safety
  • Safeguarding
  • Lone Worker Safety
  • First aid and Emergency Care
  • Stress management, Mindfulness, Resilience, and Emotional Intelligence
  • Managing Extreme Difficult Behaviour in the Workplace

Please contact us for further information on these programmes.
We tailor each and every course to the individual needs of the client.